How can SW4CA support you and your organisation?

Social Workers for Climate Action is committed to supporting social work practitioners, other human service workers, and their allies, as they work to better understand climate change and take action to address the climate crisis.

To that end SW4CA offers a range of opportunities to engage with current information about climate change and its implications for social work practitioners and organisations. Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss taking up one of these opportunities in your workplace.

Have a Chat...

SW4CA members are happy to catch up with individuals or small groups for an informal chat about climate change and social work. This is a great way to start conversations that may then grow towards more formal actions. Coffee anyone?

Climate Issues Update

SW4CA members can arrange to attend staff meetings or other forums to provide a brief update on the state of the climate crisis and/or to provide specific information on upcoming activities such as the School Strike for Climate. We're happy to be a brief agenda item!

Climate Change: A Briefing for Social Workers

This hour-long presentation aims to provide a concise, evidence-based briefing on the nature and scale of climate change, its impacts and implications, and its importance for social workers. With time for questions and answers this is a great way to bring your organisation 'up-to-speed' on the climate crisis.

Climate Change: Your Field of Practice

With some advance notice, SW4CA can develop a presentation on climate change and social work tailored to your specific agency and/or field of practice. The presentation will cover general information on the climate crisis as well as specific information and resources on the implications for your areas of practice. The length and format can be developed to suit your specific needs, from a brief presentation to a full-day workshop.

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An alliance of social work practitioners, students, educators and researchers - based at James Cook University, Qld, Australia - concerned about the impacts of climate change on human wellbeing, and committed to taking action to address this crisis.