meet some of our members:

“This is the time for social workers to engage in collective action that may extend beyond their individual practice. Actions to address climate change are aligned to our ethical responsibilities to address issues of social justice and human rights.”

dr peter jones

Social Work Educator

"Moving towards sustainable practices in goods and energy production, like investing in renewable energy to bring down prices, could have substantial mental health benefits. We must look to industries that create good, clean jobs to move forward."

Sandra Croaker

Social Work Researcher

"Environmental issues are social issues and the hardest hit are the already vulnerable. The climate crisis is the leading cause for displacement. Issues such as food and water quality and insecurity, droughts, extreme weather, for example, are all human rights issues."

Emma small

Social Work Student

"I am passionate about climate change as I believe we are part of the environment, not separate from it. The current climate crisis affects not only the environment, but also humankind."


Social Work PhD Scholar

"I have a responsibility to future generations; climate change is a social justice issue and its impacts are already being felt here in Australia. I want to be able to tell my daughter that I didn't just stand by."

Georgie Stewart

Social Worker (Youth Sector)