climate change media: reporting useful for

social workers

A short note before we link to some fantastic media outlets and reporting: 

In Australia, reporting on climate change by the mainstream media has been problematic. Many commentators have suggested that the Murdoch Press, for example, have run intentionally denialist and 'anti-action' stories consistently over several years. In light of this, it's imperative to apply your social work honed critical thinking skills when consuming media through mainstream outlets.

We encourage and support media outlets which provide balanced and accurate coverage to issues around climate change and its impacts. In particular, we recommend coverage provided by The Guardian news organisation. It is the only news service to produce an environmental pledge, which you can read here.


ABC Your Planet

A series of stories exploring our planet and seeking solutions to the climate challenge.

Fiery Sun

The Guardian

The Frontline: Inside Australia and the climate emergency.

Wall Clock

Time Is Now series, focussing on how climate change impacts our lives in Australia.

Dry Soil

The Guardian

The Killer Report, focussing on heat as a climate and health risk.

Industrial Smoke

The Guardian

The Air We Breathe report on air pollution and its impacts.