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We aim to resource practitioners by sharing and creating tools for use in practice and organisational settings, specific to eco-social work.

We acknowledge that there is a strong desire for social workers to better understand how to "do" eco-social work and better understand eco-social practice strategies. 

This section of our site is currently a work-in-progress.


We are committed to increasing our practical resources in order to support you. If there are particular resources you would like to see or if you have ideas or suggestions, please get in touch - we'd be thrilled to hear from you! 

So, How Do We "Do" Eco-social Work? Some Ideas...

We're definitely not here to prescribe a "rule book" for eco-social work, or a prescriptive list of do's and don'ts. What we can provide, however, and how we believe we can best initially support you in this space whilst we develop practitioner resources behind the scenes, is to provide some research-based eco-social work ideas and suggestions to get you thinking and asking questions...

These ideas are based on Dr Heather Boetto's transformative eco-social model. We have drawn on Dr Heather Boetto's theorised five dimensions of practice - being the personal,  individual, group, community and structural - and we are in the process of developing easy to use "practice cards" to provide ideas and suggestions for implementing an eco-social approach in your interconnected personal and professional life. The full article by Dr Heather Boetto is accessible here.  
We encourage you to take a look at the ideas below and consider which (if indeed any) could be useful and/or applicable to you in your social work setting, whether you work on the 'frontline' of direct practice and service provision, management, advocacy and social policy.

Personal Growth - Towards Connectedness With The Natural Environment: 

Individual Practice - Holistic Approach To Wellbeing & Working With Individuals:

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