As a profession, social work has a strong critical tradition. This has involved recognising that our role in society must go beyond merely reacting to the consequences of social injustice and oppression, but should also involve critical analysis of the causes of such injustice, disadvantage and oppression. Based on this analysis, social workers have a clear and important role to play in taking action to address these causes and their consequences. This page suggests a number of ways in which social workers can take action - as individuals, as workers within organisations, and as members of civil society groups engaged in social action to address the climate emergency.

Individual Action

The crisis presented by the climate emergency can sometimes feel overwhelming and immobilising. But there are things that we, as individuals, can do to make a contribution to the efforts being made for climate justice and a sustainable fuuture...

Collective Action

Joining with others and recognising that our concerns about the climate emergency are shared can be a powerful experience. Around the globe millions of people are joining together to take action for climate justice. Here are some ways to join them...

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