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We aim to inform social workers by sharing credible and evidence-based information related to climate change and social work. 

Climate Change Science for Social Workers 101

As social workers advocating for climate action, we believe it's crucial to have an understanding of climate change. If you were asked to explain climate change - could you? The answer is often a resounding, "No, please help!"


Climate change often seems a complicated and intimidating topic. It pays to remember that we are social workers, not climate scientists, As social workers, we need a factual, straightforward understanding of what climate change is and its environmental and human impacts. This gives us a solid foundation to confidently engage in climate change conversations and ultimately, climate action.

This video below aims to provide you with the "need to know" basics of climate change science.

Climate Change & The Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) 

Professional Associations around the world are increasingly recognising the nature and scale of the climate emergency. The Australian Association of Social Workers is taking action which encourages professionals to see climate change as a core part of their practice. This includes declaring a 'climate emergency' and establishing a National Advisory Panel on Climate Change.


In 2019, Australian social workers joined social workers worldwide in declaring a climate emergency.


The Code of Ethics acknowledges the natural environment as a social justice issue.

Holding a Book

Commitment to working towards a sustainable and socially just environment through individual, cultural and structural change.

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