Climate change is happening.

It's an environmental, human rights and social justice issue.
Social workers are on the frontline.

Social workers are at the front line of responses to the human impacts of the climate emergency, using their knowledge, skills and values to address the needs of climate casualties as part of their professional practice. We believe that social workers have an important contribution to make by supporting individuals, communities and societies to adapt to the changing climate, and by actively engaging in efforts to mitigate climate change and avoid future catastrophe.

SW4CA aims to:


  • Inform social workers by sharing up to date information on climate change and its impacts. 

  • Support social workers to make changes in their individual lives, practice, organisations and communities. 

  • Resource practitioners by sharing and creating tools for use in practice and organisational settings.

  • Activate people to take action to address the crisis, at individual, community and societal levels.



Current, evidence-based  information and analysis regarding the climate emergency, with a focus on material relevant for social workers.



Getting informed and taking action can be difficult on your own. Here's how SW4CA might be able to help you and your organisation address the climate crisis.



Tools and resources for change at a variety of levels from individual activities through to movements for social change.


Information alone is of little use if it doesn't lead to action. Here are a range of ideas and opportunities for individual and collective action aimed at achieving climate justice.

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An alliance of social work practitioners, students, educators and researchers - based at James Cook University, Qld, Australia - concerned about the impacts of climate change on human wellbeing, and committed to taking action to address this crisis.