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In Australia, reporting on climate change by the mainstream media has been problematic. Many commentators have suggested that the Murdoch Press, for example, have run intentionally denialist and 'anti-action' stories consistently over several years. At SW4CA we encourage and support media outlets which are giving balanced and accurate coverage to issues around climate change and its impacts. 

In particular, SW4CA recommends the coverage provided by The Guardian news organisation. The Guardian is the only news service to produce an environmental pledge which states that (and we quote):

  • "We will continue our longstanding record of powerful environmental reporting, which is known around the world for its quality and independence.

  • We will report on how environmental collapse is already affecting people around the world, including during natural disasters and extreme weather events.

  • We will use language that recognises the severity of the crisis we’re in

  • The Guardian will achieve net zero emissions by 2030. 

  • We will be transparent with our progress.

  • We will no longer accept advertising from fossil fuel extractive companies." (The Guardian, 2019)

The articles below are links to examples of positive, accurate, evidence-based reporting on the climate emergency.

Ongoing series from the Guardian Australia

Guardian report on heat as a climate and health risk series on how climate change is impacting on Australian's lives​​

Guardian report on air pollution and its impacts

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