The issue of climate change has generated an enormous amount of information - and, worryingly, disinformation. SW4CA aims to provide links to credible, evidence-based information relevant for social workers and their allies. This page contains links to recent reports from national and international bodies, institutions and organisations that provide a strong evidence base for the impacts of anthropogenic climate change. This list of important reports will be updated as new resources become available. The page also contains links to credible media news reports of issues relating to climate change and its human impacts, and to longer form analysis of issues relevant to climate change and social work.

Key Reports

A collection of key reports and documents from national and international sources. These cover both the scientific evidence base and deeper social analysis of the human impacts of climate change.

Recent Media

Recent media reports about climate change including reports of particular relevance and significance to social workers and their allies.


Examples of recent analysis and discussion of climate related issues, including current and future government policies.

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An alliance of social work practitioners, students, educators and researchers - based at James Cook University, Qld, Australia - concerned about the impacts of climate change on human wellbeing, and committed to taking action to address this crisis.