Collective Action

Around the globe, millions of people are joining together to take action on the climate emergency. This may take the form of small local groups or well-organised international movements. Engaging in collective action is a powerful and effective means of adding your voice to the call for action. Social workers possess the knowledge and skills to make meaningful contributions to such groups and organisations. Follow the links to find out how you can get involved...

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Cairns and Far North Environment Centre - Cairns-based environmental organisation.

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Environmental Defenders Office - using the law to protect environment people and places.

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Frontline Action on Coal - activist organisation aiming to take direct action to prevent the further extraction of fossil fuels.


The North Qld Conservation Council - Townsville-based organisation

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Australian Youth Climate Coalition - National youth oriented organisation taking action on climate change.

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Focused on stopping the Adani Carmichael coal mine - a serious threat to our climate and future.

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Extinction Rebellion - International movement to demand action on the climate emergency. Active in Australia and around the globe.

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